Aqua Bitcoin: Get 100 – 1200 Satoshi for free right now!

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We bring to your attention Aqua Bitcoin faucet

1. Enter your BTC address.
2. Click.

3.A. Solve the captcha. 3.B. Click.

4.A. Here you can see how much you have found. 4.B. It displays your current balance. 4.C. This shows the balance of all time. 4.D. Instant payments to your BTC address via as soon as you reach cashout threshold of just 2000 satoshi.

Good luck.

Chicken-BTC: 100 – 500 Satoshis every 120 minutes

Chicken-BTC .com this website (faucet), which distributes free Satoshis.
Our chicken gives everyone free Bitcoins and different bonuses!

Step 1-2. Enter your Bitcoin address and click “Log In>

Step 3-4. After the greeting, enter the captcha and click confirm. The confirmation button of different options and colors. For Example: “Reward”, “Claim”, “Go >>”, “Win”, “Get satoshi”, “Collect free satoshi” or similar.

A. Here you can see how much you have been accrued
B. Bonus Game: Catch button

Step 5.  It displays your current balance. Step 6. When you click “FaucetBox” funds are instantly credited to your Bitcoin address on the website

Earn rewards you can every 120 minutes.

Good luck.